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The Second Issue of the comic I illustrated is out! 
The Undergrounds continues as pirates from the other side of the door discover the Cooper family and kidnap them for stealing gold.
Some Work in Progress pics.
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Lareva Custom Illustrations

If you are looking for some great gift ideas, these affordable portraits are the way to go. I’ll create a personalized portrait for only $50.

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and I’ll create a unique fullbodied priceless cartoon portrait that will be with them forever.

Here are some examples of some groomsmen gifts I drew for a recent wedding.

Batma bball David Joe Jon scoob

*This price only includes a pdf, jpeg and psd version of illustration including one person. Additional cost for additional people. We can talk if you want printing shipping and framing as well.

Manga you Should Read #2: Parasyte

It’s hard to read manga because I’ll be honest, theres a lot of bad ones out there. Here I will recommend new manga for people who don’t know where to start. I consider ParasyteVol4Cover

Parasyte the perfect Seinen manga (Japanese comics aimed at older readers)  It has a great horror element to make the reader feel uneasy, a mystery to keep the reader going, and a deep philosophical question at the heart of it.

The question is who is evil: the parasytes or human kind?

The story has a very simple set up. Parasytes come from some unknown place and invade human brains.These parasytes blend into society and eat people. However, the main character stops a parasyte from reaching his brain by cutting off circulation in his arm. then he has a parasyte living in his arm and they form a symbiotic relationship and try to survive in a world of parasytes.

There are many questions as to who controls the parasyte, or why they are on Earth. It relates to the scientic idea of emergence. Emergence is like how a hive works. But the queen doesn’t give the orders, the creatures just know what to do, what their job is. People do that to. There is some mysterious urge or order that is unseen.

Parasyte explores this question as well as putting humans love to kill other humans against parasytes who kill for food. Which group is more moral? The comic is not too long (for a manga) and is definitely worth the read. It doesn’t feel drawn out like many other mangas of its kind and has great cliffhangers and mystery running throughout the manga. The character development of the main character is interesting enough to keep you reading.

Check it out!