Undergrounds is on the Move Again

After a few months of being super busy with getting married and moving out, I’m finally coming back to the Undergrounds. My writer, Geert Heetebrij, got a teaching job in Michigan. But even though the team is separated, we intend to keep the Undergrounds moving.

We are planning for another kickstarter to get out issue 2 in print in August.

Issue 4 is in the works for digital release. See above for the working cover.

Besides that, I’ve also been working full time at a structural engineers office which uses a different part of my mind but I’m really enjoying it.

I’m finally beginning to learn to balance art and work, and hope to be able to draw much more in the near future.

Here are some inks of Issue 4.

Issue 4 Cover



The Undergrounds Comic

I just drew this piece in celebration of the final day of my Kickstarter Campaign. My friend, Geert Heetebrij wrote the story and I illustrated it. We raised over $7000 to publish the first 52 page issue. Check out the link below.

 Tunnels under a suburban home lead a family to a land of dangerous fairy tales.

The Undergrounds‘ is a nine-issue comic series about the adventures of a family that finds a hole in their backyard.

In the tunnels, the kids and their dog find doors that lead to other worlds. But once the kids discover those worlds, villains in those worlds discover the kids’ world..