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The Second Issue of the comic I illustrated is out! 
The Undergrounds continues as pirates from the other side of the door discover the Cooper family and kidnap them for stealing gold.
Some Work in Progress pics.
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Issue 1

Art from Disciples of Dust

My personal comic is called Disciples of Dust, about a group of adventurers that must journey to the ends of the world to find the miracle soil that will heal their own famine-ridden land. Through their journey they meet dangerous beasts, all-powerful corporations and a mysterious cult group led by a man they call the Spiral Man. Keep a look out for more pages.

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Scenes From Upcoming Comic

I have made many changes to my original comic idea. It now centers around these three main Characters on the bottom, The Goat Swordsman, Salazone (Name will be changed later), and Cecilia. Here are two concept pieces that show a glimpse of both the characters and of the world around them.ScenepracticeGoatsquad